MFS vs. Real Life, 6 things that are Wrong

Welcome to my first (official) post on the WFC! Hope you enjoy my love for this community and for MFS (didn’t forget you IF)


For all you MFS geeks, I will show you an in-depth tour about the actual differences between this jaw-dropping video (

To say, first off MFS is incredibly realistic, and looks almost like real life. But today I want to see what big differences there are, and how you can notice them.

The video is of the “Quite Bridge Visual” approach into SFO’s runway 28L

The first one:

There is no windshield wiper in MFS :confused:

Number 2:

This one is very complicated ; we first can assume that the grass strip(highlighted in green) is unilateral attached to the transformation of a crosshair to the y-axis. Which is in reference of the slope of said strip.
To make this easier to visualize I added a triangle to show the relation ship between both. The hypotenuse of triagnle is equal to the tan (θ) of the sin (crosshair coordinates)
If we plug-in all the numbers we come with a direct variation of both coming between ,2 degrees (to the horizon)

TL; DR the whole world is skewed by ,02 degrees.

(English is not my first language, so correct me for any wrong math terms.)

Number 3:

Where’s the rocks off the coastline?

Number 4:

Lights shouldn’t be visible form this far (LED specification)

Number 5:

Not enough wood striped, and no rocks on the the beach.

Number 6:

Lights on the arrow should be on the bottom, not in the middle. There are no markings of the previous runway paint.

Thanks you all for viewing!

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Can you find even more? Comment them below.


Nice info. But this is getting picky


Not trying to get picky. I would love if MFS wouldn’t change a thing. I looked and highlighted the diffrences, to show MFS geeks like myself what goes around in the code.

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I would never have the patience to do this, lol. Well done! :slight_smile:


Wow we got a Investigator in the forum. :wink:


Geez, look at the detailing level of this! There obviously are mistakes but it is GORGEOUS!

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I’m the last photo I couldn’t tell the difference, only the clouds.


No. 1 and 2 are because the camera is in the different position

Hehe I bump

  1. Was that there was no wiper, as I now play MSFS, there still isn’t a wiper
  2. Was the angle of the beachhead in retrospect to the plane, taking into account difference (basically FOV difference)