Mexico Inaugurates Felipe Angeles Intl Airport

Today, the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador opens one of his emplematic projects: AIFA (ICAO: NLU, IATA: MSMM). Some hours ago, an Aeromexico E190 had the honor on being the first to depart en route to Villahermosa. 20 operations are planned for the airport today. The ceremony though, is scheduled to be at 2022-03-21T17:00:00Z.

A very controversial airport by a controversial president, but I’m curious to see what this airport can reach in the future.

Info being tracked from: (in Spanish)



10 minutes ago, AIFA recieved it’s first landing. It was a VivaAerobus from Guadalajara.

A schedule from today, taken from the same source as above:

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Leave him alone, please :slight_smile:

He can anger himself. Not need to provoke it

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Its a joke but ok

nice airport ig?

im an airport now lmfao

meh everyone knows my name already…

also i dont get mad easily, so chill, im not an IFC minimod :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Congrats! :clap:

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Dose anyone know if it’s the gates are jet bridge or stairs?

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I think this should help :=)

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That’s cool Jet bridge

Volaris just landed it’s first flight from Tijuana.

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Has the first private jet landed at the airport?

Not sure.

You can always check FR24 tho.

BTW, @PlanesAndGames, your airport is officially open!


It’s an honor! :rofl:


I hate Joshua for revealing my name

Anyway, looks like a nice airport!

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still very true

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True, but honestly, this airport was also made just because of politics too.

Not going to explain a lot tho

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It seems like itripreport isn’t happy about this airports existence

This airport has been criticized by a lot of people. Today the airport was almost empty

tbh just close AICM and replace with NLU

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