Love (and planes) are in the air today: Spotting at KORD 2/14/21!

Hello WFC!

Today I got to go spotting today at ORD, and I was really in for some treats when I went! My main goal for today was catching some new 737-MAXs out in their natural habitat: The sky over being in captivitity on the ground, but I got much more and figured to do a topic!

First up, coming from Japan, we got this ANA 777-300ER in the BB-8 livery!

Secondly, we have a Queen coming from the Cold lands of Alaska, more specifically Anchorage!

Next, blasting off for Detroit we have this American Eagle CRJ-700!

Moving on, we have a big plane on a not so big route, we have this American 787-8 off towards Philadelphia!

Next, here we have this American A321-200 coming from Dallas!

Here, we have coming from the Dakota of the North, we have this Federal Express Express (this is the real name) A300-600F!

For this image in the background, we have a United Express CRJ-700 departing for Omaha, and in front we have this United Express CRJ-550 heading out for St. Louis!

Coming from Los Angeles, we have this American 777-200ER!

Moving to the next photo, we have a special flight as this Southwest 737-700 that departs for Denver is the first departure for the airline from ORD!

Finally, something I have been waiting for a while on, coming from Houston we have the new and improved United 737-MAX 9!

Well, that is all! I hope you enjoyed, I have more so expect to see a part two in the future!

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Amazing pictures!

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Thank you!

Great photos!

Its CRJ-550 BTW :wink:

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Thank you! Woops, lemme fix that quickly!

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Oh yeah, @Z-Tube my not-so-great attempt at getting N38417:


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No JetBlue = disgraceful.


JK. Nice job! They are all beautiful. 10/10

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I made a separate IFC topic, I put a JBU 190 in that. Feel free to check it out ;). Thanks as well!

Good pictures!
The sky makes it look cool

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Thank you! I do agree, the sky did help out a lot!

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TBH I’d change the title to LUV (and planes)… cuz u know…WN

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Sorry @Errigal, no Aer Lingus today!

good idea! I wonder what @Errigal thinks about it