Look At What’s Downloading 👀



My PC can’t handle it :confused:

I am only using a MacBook Pro, yours should be able to handle it

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I have a Lenovo trashy thing

It is good for school

It struggles with Zoom

Smh zoom do be the biggest file tho :joy:

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I’m getting it in December.


Congratulations but, XP11 4 life my dudes

My Lenovo ThinkBook couldn’t handle it

I have an Xbox I will put it on soon

I really don’t have money to buy it :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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I don’t thing you can put it on xbox

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Ya, you can.

Goodjob! But your too late :joy:

The 6 recent patches made the game look like FSX.

So… are you enjoying it, Zac?

My MacBook Pro is garbage. After a while a black line appears on top and the screen freezes.

Not downloaded yet :disappointed:


Well… @Alec had me close out of the app… then the app crashed and I can’t open it. Stupid steam. Trying to hopefully get it fixed over thanksgiving break

I’d like to see my chrome book try. Poor thing would explode before it got 100 mb downloaded

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