Lockheed Constellation vs Douglas DC-6


And then 3 tails is just :face_vomiting:

Say that to the older nose
THAT was ugly

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bruh thats the best part

how lol

next what, the 747 hump ruins the whole aircraft?

lol no

thats literally what ur saying but for the connie

that looks good but 3 tails just seems like smth outta a movie

3 tails make it stand out

I can’t name another aircraft, except for the 747-SCA (if that counts), that have 3 tails

besides being hot af

the only way ur convincing me its good is if it has an aerodynmical advantage

and state actual facts WITH sources

doubt it has an advantage, but it probably is as good as a normal tail

though it saves space in the hangars, which was essentially the main reason for it

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The Connie is amazing what do you mean?

The triple tails is one-of-a-kind.

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Look how ugly and unrounded that plane is. The Connie is cooler!

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The triple tails really are one of a kind!


I like fire….\


Douglas ftw

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all respect to the Douglas but dam the super constellation is iconic

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