Lockheed Constellation vs Douglas DC-6

Ok Ok Ok, If you don’t like a plane that spits fire during takeoff, something is wrong with you!

Guess which one I like.

Sooooooo… Let’s settle this 4 engine 1950’s plane debate


@PlanesAndGames Pick correctly!

couldnt be a more obvious choice

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@A320_Flyerboy19 looks like we’ll have to unite against your fellow colouradoan

@KGJT-9149 How could you pick the 6

omg, I never thought this would happen

nor did I

I just like Douglas aircraft. Don’t get me wrong, the connie is a beautiful plane, but I just like the DC-6.

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Look how ugly the shape is!

How can you diss a plane that spits fire!

But I didn’t diss it though. I didn’t say anything bad about the L-1049, it’s a brilliant plane.

its not ugly, but its kinda boring

Ok, then switch to the favorite here

It’s ugly, it looks like the B767

and the Boeing 767 is ugly

But I like the DC-6 too

No, neither are ugly

But the connie is almost unbeatable

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@KTJ_Mitchell Are you trying to go against everything I say or do? You MAX dude and DC6!!

Actually nah, I’m choosing the constellation not because I like it more than the DC-6 but because Lockheed Martin is a better defense contractor than McDonnell Douglas

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Don’t kill me or ban me in Neo vs MAX, please.

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Although I must say they better not win the KC-Y competition, KC-46 all the way

I’ll agree with you there

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