Let's Pretend I Know What I'm Doing // @ The Airport

I guess I’ve been here for 2 years now, and I definitely know what I’m doing while spotting. Winter was here, now it’s gone :confused:, we’ve gotten well over 20 inches of snow (about 45 cm for people that make life easier), and it’s all gone, except for the brown heaps of snow in the Meijer’s parking lot.

Puss In Boots makes it’s one and only appearance into GRR after a flight from Austin, Texas, sad to see all the Allegiant 320 specials go

The chubby bus rotates outta GRR heading back to the Memphis megahub

GRR’s rocket ship, or flying pencil, you choose

A National 757 that was going 80kts on approach comes to pick up some band kids to play in a parade in Disney California


Ok that’s all



You know what you’re doing while spotting a lot better than I know what I’m doing while spotting

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