Let’s settle this: Survivor vs Amazing Race vs Big Brother?

I know that we all like travel… So I hope there’s a majority on this one. I’m sure by that intro, you could tell which one I’m falling for… But I want to see what you guys prefer more. Do you like survivor, big brother, or the amazing race? These are the top three CBS shows of the year, and they show them usually once if not more per year. Some other questions that may be able to be answered here are do you think the amazing race will continue after the COVID-19 pandemic other than the current season!

  • The Amazing Race
  • Survivor
  • Big Brother

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We need an Amazing Race Thread for tonight’s show

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@Canadian_Aviator you better be glad you changed your vote :rage:


Yes! I’m definitely creating it right now

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Misclicked lol

Amazing race is way better

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  1. What are all this shows?
  2. What is CBS?

I don’t watch reality tv but the amazing race sounds cool so I’ll vote for that I guess

It’s a tv channel in America.

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is it like ABS like we get here?

Probably, it’s one of the major news channels in America along with others like NBC and ABC

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These are adventure shows, survivor is a Island show. Big Brother, I have no idea. And the Amazing Race is a show where people travel the world doing different challenges and the winning prize is 1 Million Dollars


It’s another show where a bunch of people live in a house and do challenges. That’s all I really know though.

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Amazing race and survivor are good but amazing race is better.

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I am going to say it one time only…BLACKPINK IS THE REVOLUTION!

Sorry lol, I prefer amazing race.

I don’t think I’ve ever really watched any of these series so Survivor seems like the other survival shows lol

Why is this even a question? We all know that the best entertainment-competition show is WipeOut.

I think amazing race is better… if only by a little bit