Launching Four New Themes!

Forum Renovation

As you all may notice, Christmas lights have popped up and all of your screens! This is in our preparation for getting tested for the holidays! Thanksgiving is gone… So Christmas, Hanukkah, whatever you celebrate is here! Of course, we are not forcing you to keep anything on the screen, but we are also giving you the option to be even more festive. If you click on your PFP in the top left hand corner, then go into the “star” tab, then click forum appearance, you will then be given the option to switch themes. The themes are pretty self-explanatory. Christmas theme is the most festive. Even more festive than what you have on the screen now! You will get purple, he will get snow, and I highly recommend you check it out! We also give you the option to switch to have no Christmas decorations. These no Christmas themes will be taken away after Christmas is over, but if you don’t want any Christmas on your screen, you could select the dark or light mode version of them. If any of them have any glitches or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM me. Thank you.


Everything looks amazing except

I like the dark theme tho.


Looks amazing here

Same hahah I love it.

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This is kinda scary…

The little lights at the top :star_struck:


This is cool!
I just have it on Light Mode with the Christmas lights

Where are Santa Hats?

Does changing the theme get rid of the hats @CaptainZac?

Because I don’t have them anymore too @Zhopkins

Which theme are you using?

The Christmas theme looks amazing on desktop! Although it is a bit buggy for me on mobile. Still, it’s awesome!

Dark. They just showed up.

I’m using light and they showed up now lol

Oh thank goodness the Christmas theme changed from that horrible purple!!! Demonic Santa still vibing here and there tho

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@CaptainZac how did u do this? Is it a feature from discourse, or did you somehow add the themes?

Took me hours… Multiple thems, Also took some creating themes myself

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Thanks for all the effort! It looks amazing. I’d like to see the IFC be this dedicated and cool :roll_eyes::joy:

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They will never be… But I mean it would help if you could spread the word about this community to as many people as you can! We want to make this girl is big as possible. If you have any friends on the IFC that you would like them to join… Please message them

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I shall! A few people I know from FDXVA might be interested. And for the future, if you ever feel like making more themes, hot pink would be much appreciated :rofl:

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