Late Night With The Mods | Season 1 Episode 2

After plenty of positive and constructive feedback from our last episode, we are ready to continue on with the series! Tomorrow night, we will have episode two of late night with the moderators! Just like last time, give the option to join a zoom or you can watch on YouTube. The time will be listed below and it will automatically adjust your time zone. This time, we will be having some better graphics, we will also be having a button that you will be able to virtually press and we will make sure that everyone gets their chance to speak, but we are going to keep it orderly. This time, instead of everyone interrupting everyone, you will use the raise hand function on zoom, which she will then be able to raise your hand and I will make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk. We will have a set number of topics, which will be gone through during the zoom. I hope everyone can make it, and enjoy! Use the thread below for comments, questions, or whatever you need!

Time: 2020-11-28T02:30:00Z

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 833 5957 6094
Passcode: WFC

Join YouTube Live:

What will you be able to attend?

  • I will be attending the Zoom.
  • I will be attending the YouTube Live.
  • I will not be able to make it.

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I will try to attend the Youtube!

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I might make the YouTube video.

All right everyone! A little bit over nine hours to go before the event!

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i’ll attend
Ends at 2am

I need to wake up at 10am to land overnight



Here is the timer


I should be able to make one of them. Not sure which, probably YouTube

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I’m in the Zoom waiting room

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I might do voice reveal…


@GBKarp Same

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2 minutes! Join above!

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Left the meeting because I got bored. Still enjoyed it though, can’t wait for more!

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And it’s done!

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And that’s all she wrote for this one! Thank you guys all for showing up. The replay should be on my YouTube channel within the next 24 hours. You could also be expecting a ready for pushback podcast interview coming out at 3 PM tomorrow. Enjoy!