Late Night With The Moderators | Season 1 Episode 3

Late Night With Mods | Time Vote

What time would you like the LNWM to to air next weekend. We would like to make sure that you all can make it. Enjoy!


  • Friday, 8PM
  • Friday, 9PM
  • Friday, 9:30PM
  • Friday, 10PM
  • Friday, 10:30PM
  • Saturday, 7PM
  • Saturday, 8PM
  • Saturday, 9PM
  • Saturday, 9:30PM
  • Saturday, 10PM
  • Saturday, 10:30PM

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What time zone is this?

Just added this in :slight_smile:

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Thanks sir.

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Hopefully next time it isn’t at 1am

If only I didn’t have to wake up at 3am to come…

Bruh all these times are in something called the middle of the night for me lmao…

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For eurppeans all those times are bad

Hey Zac for episode 4 can it be at 11:30 your time?

Maybe… we will see

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Great. I would 95% make the zoom for that one. If I did make it I would probably be a little late and could not talk.

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When will the polls close?

They don’t. The results are such that only TL4 can see them.


@CaptainZac @anon94363592 when will the results be out?

Well, since Zac seems to have forgotten, I’ll post it now. One second, please.

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Saturday @ 9:00pm EST.

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Umm… We didn’t make that decision

But yeah, that works. 9PM Eastern it is!

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Lmao. The community spoke, did it not? :joy: