Late Night With The Community | Season 3 Episode 1

Howdy folks of WFC! After an earlier announcement from Zac that we were reverting back to WFC1, one way to achieve that was more community engagement! And this seemed like a perfect way to do it! Join us for some fun times in April’s Late Night With The Community
A few things to expect are:

  • Moderator Panel / Q&A: you can ask moderators questions on development, community questions, or just any general question!
  • Community games: like former LNWTM events, we will be hosting Kahoots, Blookets, and other fun aviation quiz games for prizes!
  • Community discussion: just like World Flying Community Off-Topic, but voice based, there will be breakout rooms where you can have 1-1 conversations with friends, or stay in the main room, where you can chat with everyone

It’ll be a super fun time, and I highly recommend that you join! If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me!

~Devin (Host)


since when is 9pm “late”?

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Maybe, although idrk lmao…

5pm let’s go!

wow great nighttime you’re having :+1:

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too late for me lol

wrong acc?

idk lol

Bruh :skull:

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Also where will it be hosted

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zoom ig

Oh nah I’m fine :skull:

vc :skull:

Decide my fate
  • Stay up till 1am and join
  • Slep

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will this be streamed on yt?

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Y’all are evil

But I have decided to stay up till 1am

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You voted to stay up though :joy:

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Lol yea

@CaptainZac ^^^ he handles the tech side if this

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Very interesting