Late Night With The Community | Season 3 Episode 1 (take 5)

Let’s try this again! June 4, we will be doing LNWTC for the first time!

Howdy folks of WFC! After an earlier announcement from Zac that we were reverting back to WFC1, one way to achieve that was more community engagement! And this seemed like a perfect way to do it! Join us for some fun times in April’s Late Night With The Community
A few things to expect are:

  • Moderator Panel / Q&A: you can ask moderators questions on development, community questions, or just any general question!
  • Community games: like former LNWTM events, we will be hosting Kahoots, Blookets, and other fun aviation quiz games for prizes!
  • Community discussion: just like World Flying Community Off-Topic, but voice based, there will be breakout rooms where you can have 1-1 conversations with friends, or stay in the main room, where you can chat with everyone

It’ll be a super fun time, and I highly recommend that you join! If you have any questions or concerns, please PM me!

Time: 2022-06-04T23:00:00Z

~Devin (Host)


i dont trust this one


Not happening. Already called it.

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What happened to late night with the moderators?

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What if I were to, hypothetically, not be available for this?


Oh no.

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Wouldn’t it be funny if I just clicked the register button, and maybe then it would actually happen, lmao.


when will one of these actually happen?


ah yes

SLS will fly long before this actually happens


Bro why do you have to have it on my first full day back in Bermuda. I fly back on the third. Not gonna show up cause I wanna hang with family then. Haven’t seen them in almost 3 months

I’m late, but happened to take 4? :rofl:

Well you’re about to be asking what just happened to take 5 because this’ll be a cancel.