Late Night With Moderators | Season 1 Episode 1

Hello all! Welcome to the newest thing that the WFC is going to be doing on a monthly basis. Since Wednesday is our one month anniversary, we have decided that we will be launching a new segment that we will be doing once/month. It will be called late night with moderators. Basically, you have the option to either tune in to the YouTube live stream or, you could log on to a Zoom, where you will be given time to speak and give your opinions on what you think can be improved on on the WFC, and also what we can do going forward. This includes ideas, or things that you want the moderators to consider.

We would like as many of you on the zoom as possible, and to do this we have device strategies to make sure that this is safe and secure. Below is the link for the zoom. There’s also a link to the YouTube live stream. If you would not like to speak, you can just logon to the YouTube live stream to watch. If you wish to speak, you can log on to the zoom, and you will be given your time to speak. The zoom and the YouTube live stream both will start at 2020-11-23T01:00:00Z, but please logon to the zoom about 5-10 minutes early, at 2020-11-23T00:50:00Z. Thank you all for being part of the WFC, and we hope you enjoy this opportunity! And please, feel free to speak up if you wish.

If you have any questions, please PM @moderators or @CaptainZac. Thanks all!

Zoom Link:

YouTube Live:


Hey all, if you can vote in this poll it would be appreciated!

  • I will be attending the Zoom.
  • I will be watching the YT live.
  • I will not be attending.

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Everyone, we will be live in two hours!

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Thank you all so much for attending. I would call it a huge success. If we can get enough feedback, we would be happy to do another one like this that would be similar very soon. Thank you all, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. The replay will be up on my YouTube hopefully by tomorrow morning