Late Night With Moderators Is Cancelled. Sort Of

Sooo… We come to an end. Late night with Moderators is no longer going to be a thing. The reason is because after doing the trivia, we just see a significant drop off in the number of people watching. So, we will be immediately in stating a new show that will happen every weekend similar to late night with Moderators. It will be called trivia night with Moderators! It will feature to trivia games, and the winner of each trivia game will be given a free WFC sticker! We are so excited to start offering this next weekend to all members. It will work very similar to how I did before. You have the option to join the zoom or the YouTube life. It will only last about 30 minutes and we will be doing to trivia games. They will be purely aviation-based. We hope you guys enjoy this new show!


Aww! Sad to see it go! Hope it returns again soon.

Someone clearly didn’t read the entire thing… lol

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I read it Im just half asleep lmao.


Anyway. Sorry to se it go.Hope the new one is as good.

Will it be required that we take it? And is it a real sticker?

So it will now be called instead of LNWTM it shall be called TNWM?

Will we still be able to vote for times?

Well at least it’s not gone! :ban:

Well Trivia is always fun, so good to see we are developing around that!



We will change to that


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Thanks for answering my questions Zac.

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I’m really itching to make Kahoots for this…

It is going to be on a different system than Kahoot. It’s going to be on the new system that we’re using

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Yeah now I’m really itching to contribute to this… PM me.


You got it.

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This seems like it could be interesting. Too bad that LNWM wasn’t as successful as you’d hoped but hopefully this will get better results.


Let’s hope people will join this time :slight_smile:


Great program sir

You can also play among us

So sad

It was 1am I really couldn’t be up

Zac personal opinion I really enjoyed it. If it would be every saterday and try and have more interactive games we could enjoy. Also if it was earlier.

I could defiantly get more people to attend just let me know before hand!