Latam Brasil A319 Review: TAM3010 SBSP-SBBR

so uh how do i even start a flight review lmao

No lounge no blah blah blah no nothing bc im poor, so let’s get to the gate (after a bit of trouble trying to check in :skull:).

After a gate change, we see a very empty SBSP access to the remote ramp, but SBSP decided to be SBSP (I guess) and the gate changed yet again. Apparently a GOL flight was supposed to use that gate, so we had a little extra chaos. Nothing really eventful at the airport after that.

A random PR-GUZ standing right next to my ride, PR-MBV, seen a few minutes before boarding.

A crappy photo of the boarding, I guess.

Legroom: AMAZING (at least for someone who’s 5’9"). The seat was pretty comfortable as well. Oh, it also had adjustable headrest! And, best of all, the tray table design is smart enough so it won’t come closer to you when the person in front of you decides to take a nap!

At this point some screaming idiots entered the plane (you’ll hear them on the takeoff and landing videos). Luckily they kept relatively quiet throughout the flight.

OMGGGG A TAM :heart_eyes:

After 5 minutes of delay, pushback!

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

As the plane taxied, I witnessed 2 specials at the same place!


Some cool views, I guess.

SBKP? I don’t know, there are people here much better at knowing airports than me.

Safety cards weren’t in their best days.

Some sort of old IFE or something on my seat?

Food, I guess. Considering it was free, I’ll take it anyday. Not bad for a 1h30 flight, although it could’ve been better. They also offered coffee.

After a very smooth flight, maybe even too smooth, we descend onto Brasília with another nice view. And a wingtip shot because why not.

A very smooth landing!

A really nice photo of this A320 pushing back while we park.

And, just before deboarding, a really nice appearance of the C-390 Millennium! :star_struck:

Overall, the flight was nice. Cabin crew was alright, the cookies were delicious and the seat was really good. I guess my only complaint is they could offer more snack options.

Thanks for reading my very crappy flight review!



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H a n d .


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