Laminar Research Announces X-Plane 12

Laminar research has officially announced X-Plane 12!

In the article link below, you will find more information and videos about what the new version of the leading flight simulator in the world has to offer in the newest update.

“This is a global grid that surrounds the whole earth and simulates the weather from an algorithm. This forecast is computer generated and covers the whole world. It can also go forward in time. This allows global weather that covers space and time. These two things together allow weather that can smoothly work.”


i saw that
and i cant wait to try it
thrustmaster revealed the boeing version of the set they did for airbus (Idk what thats called)

Can we just mention how 2013 the terminals look


Well, I mean I don’t even think there is a flight simulator that does grade through every airport. The best buildings in my opinion or Microsoft flight simulator’s custom airports


Dang, I haven’t even buy x-plane 11 and there’s already an X-plane 12. Time sure flies fast

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I mean, X-Plane 11 came out like… 10 years ago?

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Does anyone know the release date for XP12?

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It’ll probably late 2022 for a beta, and mid-2023 for full release.

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