KIAD-KSFO Friday night group flight flying on United!

Hi everyone! I just joined the WFC and I love it! So I decided why not celebrate and do a 5 hour Friday night flight on one of my favorite airlines, United!

Airlines you can fly: United Airlines, Alaska Airlines

Aircraft: B738, B739, B752, B772, B77W, A320

Time: 2022-12-02T23:20:00Z, please spawn 10 minutes before just to make things realistic.

More info: This flight will be hosted on the Training server, please follow ATC instructions if ATC is present, I am not responsible for any violations, this will be on Infinite Flight, and copy my FPL at the gate, you can spawn at whatever realistic gate you want, and I will make ATIS once I get info at KIAD airport tomorrow, this flight will take up to 6 hours at max, and most importantly, have fun!

I hope you all can join and have a great rest of your night everyone!

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