Kai Tak Heart Attack

Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong is known to be one of the most challenging airports Delaina in the entire world. It was closed some amount of years ago now, replaced with the new Hong Kong international airport, but it’s always fun to go back in a 77W to attempt the Kai Tak Heart Attack. Wasn’t the most buttery landing ever, but definitely acceptable


Nice landing! Thinking of making a fly-in there sometime


Great landing i guess. I know I would have gotten a heart attack had a plane been that low to me when I am on the ground.

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Well… That’s what they did all those years ago


United at Kai Tak? Lord, help me.

That was a pretty good landing, though!

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Very good landing!

It is fine for 772 with no buildings and crosswind, but with buildings and bad weather…:)

That was a 77W :slight_smile:

Nice! Now fly the broken 742 and have 35 knots of crosswind :wink:

This is what happened last time I flew to Kai tak

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Nice, I have not flown to Kai Tak yet

You got a try it out one day! It’s really fun

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