jump seat

Fair enough. You know what they say: “pay enough and eventually they’ll say yes”




how do you go on vacations all the time

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I book them and go?

Thought that was common sense

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how do you have the money

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don’t you have like school?

lets plan a heist


But jewish holidays take priority

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My parents have a job?

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well, so do mine

yet i rarely ever go anywhere

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clearly a very high pay job

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Flights back


Turn me Jewish pls. :rofl: :sob:

Karp does it too, like damn, wish I was that lucky lmao.

Question, what’s so significant about that place in Mexico btw? Never really heard of it before.

Like what?

It’s a popular vacation spot

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Hm, interesting.

Maybe @DeltaDev13 knows about it.


My mom wants to go to IKEA in Detroit, so I’ll be flying out of Detroit now

Flight 1:

Departure Airport: Detroit Metro International Airport

Departure Time: 6:15 AM

Arrival Airport: Nashville International Airport

Arrival Time: 8:45AM

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700/800/-8

Seat: Open

Layover in Nashville for 1 hour

Departure Airport: Nashville International Airport

Departure Time: 9:45AM

Arrival Airport: Dallas/Love Field International Airport

Arrival Time: 10:15AM

Aircraft: Boeing 737-700/800/-8

Seat: Open

Flight 2:

Dep airport: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Dep Time: 9:44AM

Arrival Airport: Orlando International Airport

Arrival Time: 12:45PM

Aircraft: Airbus A321

Seat: 7F

Layover in Orlando for 1 hour and 45 mins

Dep airport: Orlando International Airport

Dep Time: 2:15PM

Arrival Airport: Grand Rapids/Gerald R Ford International Airport

Arrival time: 5:45PM

Aircraft: Airbus A320N

Seat: 4A


#Justchanged again!

More changes :frowning_with_open_mouth:. Frontier was in a silly goofy mood and dropped the MCO flight on Sunday, I’ll now be going through DEN with a casual 6 hour layover at the best airport in the US!

Flight 1:

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport - Denver International Airport


Seat: 4F

Flight 2:

Denver International Airport - Gerald R Ford International Airport Grand Rapids


Seat: 3F (Stretch)