Juice Debate

What are you guys’ favourite juice flavours?

I like strawberry and watermelon


Drinking Grapefruit right now

We don’t have that here

And when I went to Panama and drunk grapefruit juice i legit threw up

Peach, Grape and Strawberry are the best

I didn’t really want to know that when I am drinking it lol


I just really hate it

It’s bitter

Bitter is correct. Kind of acidy too. I prefer others,yes. Orange juice be generic but nice.

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We have MANY different juices here

When I went to the US I only saw grape, orange, apple and grapefruit

we have much more variety

That’s cool! Ireland has a good variety too actually. Blueberry is nice also.

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apple juice or orange juice depends on the mood

Pineapple is the best. Mods can close this topic now.

Orange :tangerine: or apple :apple: for me

Apple and Cranberry

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Apple and Orange

Yessir, apple is great and cranberry is great.

OrAnGe JuIcE iS sUpErIor

i like pog juice

Passionfruit Juice

why does passionfruit sound like the stage name of a drag queen?

I love passion fruit

bad name ngl

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