JetStream Virtual - Now Recruiting Staff

Introducing Jetstream Virtual

About Us

JetStream Virtual is a non-profit organisation based on the mobile simulator, Infinite Flight. We are an All-Executive Jets virtual airline with no prefixed routes. We are located at three hubs, WSSS, LSZH, KLAX with WSSS, KLAX and LSZH as our Main Hubs which assist us in having a greater reach across the virtual world of Infinite Flight. LSZH is also where all our pilots start from, our Training Hub. It is also where our pilots go through their recertification flights.

Here at JetStream Virtual, we aim to be as realistic as possible. We serve the virtual niche market of flying private charter flights. We provide luxury short hauls to luxury ultra-long hauls for our virtual customers.

We look forward to having you on board with us!

Website | Operations Plan


  • Have at least 3 months of staff experience in any VA.
  • Have a valid IFC account.
  • Have a valid e-mail address
  • Have access to Slack and Airtable
  • Be 13 years of age or older
  • Be willing to take an interview via IFC


CEO - @M1llard
COO - @CameronH
Chief Pilot - Vacant
Flight Officer - @Amrlazer , Vacant (1/2 filled)
Events Officer - Vacant (0/2 filled)
Media Officer - Vacant (0/1 filled)

Anyone interested should contact @M1llard ia PM!

IFVARB status: Being Reviewed

We are looking forward to having you on board with the team!


Amazing thread! All The Best for approval.

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great thread

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Oh yea, this virtual /:

What’s the fourth hub?

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oh wait, we only have 3 hubs. let me change it

Why? is it something bad? @Brody_Swiatek

I just came across this topic. It is well done. @M1llard I would love to apply to be staff but I am already staff @AeroflotVirtual. And sadly I can’t apply to be a pilot because I don’t have pro. Best wishes to JetStream Virtual and I can’t wait to see you succeed.


Ah, that sucks! I hope that when you get IF Pro again, you will be able to join us as pilots or maybe in the future, as staff.

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I would love to join as a pilot when I have pro again.

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Just asking out of curiosity, when will you get pro back?

Not sure. My parents got mad at me for a reason I don’t know so as soon as I get straight A’s in school I can get it. So around 1 month to 1 1/2 months.


I’d rather not talk about it…

Because you said that I want to know @Brody_Swiatek

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