Hey WFC,

I have put N224NN in the JetPhotos queue. Do yall think I have a chance of getting it accepted? Also, are there any members of JetPhotos that have pictures already uploaded and accepted or have any tips?

GlideZone01 - JetPhotos Account

Wheels up,

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Probably not, looks way too soft to me, almost as if it was a bit out of focus. @DeltaDev13 knows this stuff better than me, though.

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Eh i think it’s overrated

Perfectly good photos get denied and some clearly breaking their own rules get in



Thanks for the feedback! Also, it was very our of focus. Maybe I’ll get some better luck next time. I’m also saving up for this incredible lens to go with my current Canon EOS 90D.

Sigma 60-600mm F4.5-6.3