JetBlue Showcases New A220 Interior

JetBlue’s Airbus A220 has had its first routes announced as well as the interior. The interior will be similar to the phase 2 A320s and feature some slight upgrades.

The Video showcased shows that the airplane will have state of the art design as well as the continued special seats that jetBlue offers on all aircraft.

Well we do not have a confirmed map yet of where this aircraft fly fly, we can confirm that the first inaugural flight will be from Boston to Fort Lauderdale.


OOOOOO. I love the A220 so this is very interesting. I might fly on this as soon as I can.

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The interior is absolutely stunning. Just as impressive as their A320

Seeing a 2-3 instead of a 3-3 on a JBU aircraft looks so weird

I definitely should fly JetBlue next time I visit the US

Pretty sexy interior you got there. Love to fly on that as soon as its in service!

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Looks insanely good

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