JetBlue A321 INAUGURAL TODAY | Saint Martin To Newark

Aircraft: JetBlue A321
Flight Time: 4:30ish
The reason why am choosing to do this flight is because the inaugural flight in real life is also happening today. The flight just landed, and I would like to replicate the flight and infinite flight. Please join me!

Departure: 2020-11-22T23:00:00Z

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Sorry I don’t have time
It seems like a cool route though

Cool! It’s a bit late for me tho…

Love JetBlue is expanding into the Caribbean (when are they coming down here :sweat_smile:)

But it will arrive at 11 for me, so it’s too late.

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Hope you enjoyed the flight, @CaptainZac! Sorry I couldn’t join. Nice landing in KEWR, though. :wink:

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