Is Water Wet?

Well, is it or is it not?

  • Yes, it is wet
  • No, it is not wet

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Oh lord. Another one of these water topics. :joy:


By the way, no, water is not wet.

M8te I don’t know

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No, you are Irish not Australian

True. But I’m in QVG and it shows

Almost sure it’s dry

can’t confirm tho

Its 100% dry

This is just the side topic

Water is not wet. It is made out of hydrogen and oxygen, which are not wet.


I mean they can be…

Also, the answer depends on how you classify “wet”. Do you mean when something comes in contact with water, or when something comes in contact with liquid.

duh yall water is dry

Looks like we got 2 of them now. @Nugget and @KTJ_Mitchell

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I’m part of the, no, water its self isn’t wet group. Water will make other objects wet, but water can’t make water wet.

Here’s a little experiment for you:
Go find a sink, fill it up with water and stick both your hands in it.

You cant feel any wetness on your hands while they are submerged because the water around them isn’t necessarily wet. Once you take your hands out though, and they aren’t completely surrounded withwater, then yes, your hands will be wet.

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Please migrate discussion to the Bottled Water Debate

Water is not wet. Don’t @ me