Is Chess A Sport?

I say no, @KTJ_Mitchell says yes.

So the question is stated as above: Is chess a sport?

  • Yes
  • No

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It literally isn’t, it’s a board game


No, just no.

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Chess is a sport and if you doubt it for even one second you’re dumb

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Chess is right there

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I say yes, it needs the same brainpower for Football (Soccer) for example

Also life saving is a sport.

I wonder who holds a world record.

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Wtf is that, being a livesaver?

Feed @system pls

Holding a world record in lifesaving is either being extremely lucky or extremely unlucky. There is no in between.

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They don’t recognize snowmobiling as a sport, yet they recognize chess and life saving? Don’t get me wrong, I love chess, but when they consider something that involves no physical strength to be a sport, and not recognize something that requires a lot of strength, strategy and skill, then I refuse to recognize the non-physical option as a sport.


Chess involves mental strength. A snowmobile is a bootleg motorcycle on skates.

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Also, to successfully perform CPR, you have to put down a lot of arm power and pressure to restart someone’s heart, so much that it can occasionally crack someone’s ribs.

Snowmobiling requires a lot of strength, strategy and skill my a**.

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Have you ever tried actually snowmobiling? I’d like to see you wrestling a 400lb piece of metal in 8’ of powder on the side of a 65° incline of some narrow a$$ revine in -20° temperatures. Oh, and then when you inevitably get stuck, have fun digging yourself out by hand because you’ve probably forgotten to bring a shovel. I take it that you’re not someone who’s ever done much in the way of motorsport, as it actually takes a lot of mental skill.

I get that CPR requires lots of strength (I had to get CPR certified for my job), but to say that a sport such as snowmobiling doesn’t require any is a flat lie.

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I’d like to see you do a one mile run and record your time. Then use a snowmobile and ride it for one mile following the same route and record your time. Then get back to me with your findings.

Also it doesn’t snow in HB

Fastest I’ve done a mile is 5:10", so yeah, I’m no record breaker (also, when did running get discussed). Also, you’re not going to be doing much running on a near vertical slope in 8’ of snow.

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Nah really? I thought Huntington Beach got more snow than Alaska.

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Unless you’re willing to pay for a flight out to somewhere snowy, I can’t try snowmobiling.