Infinite Flight or AeroFly FS2021

Well I just wanted to know which one of these 2 you preferred. Thinking IF might qin bit who knows!

A comparison:

  • Multiplayer - IF has a worldwide, real people, multiplayer. AeroFly has real life AI traffic.

  • Airports and Regions - IF has airports all over the globe, but aren’t very detailed. AeroFly has a selection of regions such as UK, California and Switzerland bit with very detailed airports.

  • Aircraft - IF has something like 59 aircraft to choose from, military and commercial. AeroFly has around 23 planes, with not many liveries (unlike IF) p, but has helicopters which IF doesn’t.

  • Other - IF has a great community and AeroFly does not (as much anyway)

It’s up to you! Voice your opinion below! And remember, be nice!

Ps. My winner is IF as AeroFly seems a bit lonely, but more realistic (apart from Physics sometimes). Anyway some bits listed above are facts, some opinions.

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The community plays a big part in IFs popularity also.

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I think the graphics and planes are better in AeroFly, but global and the incredible community Infinite Flight has makes them the choice for me

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Exact same from me

Undoubtedly Infinite Flight. The community and easy access to staff are what makes them stand out.


Infinte flight

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IF has a great community and best Multiplayer platform. AeroFly has amazing cockpits and way better scenery at a cheaper price. If you don’t care about Multiplayer AeroFly is the one for you.

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