Infinite Flight Airport Editing Development Thread

Welcome! This is a thread for members of the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team (IFAET) to post pictures and WIP’s of airport they are editing or have completed! Comments, questions, and concerns from non editors are fully welcomed. Enjoy seeing others’ creations!

Basic Terminology:

  • WED - World Editor - Software used to edit airports for Infinite Flight

  • PR - Peer Review - Stage where when you feel your airport is complete, other editors review your airport and make suggestions before you send to OR

  • OR - Official Review - Stage after PR, where Supervisors and Higher Ups review your airports and either pass or fail them. If they are passed, your airports will be updated in the next navigation update!

  • WIP - Work In Progress

Currently I am working on KTPL, Temple Regional Airport in Texas. I am working on editing airports in texas, however here is a picture of the first airport I've ever done, VIBW (Bhiwani), India. Currently this airport is awaiting OR (Official Review).


And my current project, KTPL (WIP):

Happy Editing!


Cool topic idea!
Do you know if anyone is working on Joplin yet? I know you don’t take requests I was just wondering

Is anyone working on KAFW? Same as @Californian_Aviator
Glad you are doing this

Hey everyone, let’s not turn this into a requesting thread and instead let’s make this more of a development thread. Thanks all :slight_smile:


Hey there, someone has indeed re-done KAFW, @Ecoops123. Currently this airport is awaiting review but hopefully we will see it in an update soon! :slight_smile:

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OMG yes! Thank you!

I like the idea. Will post mine soon

Work on KTPL continues! Today I finished taxi routing, added lights, windsocks, and some other tweaks. Now I’m working on starting spawns.


Looks great.

Great work for your second airport!!!

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I have joined, but I can’t download it lol

Continuing work on KTPL, adding spawns! There are tons of spawns here, lots of aircraft parked in and out of hangars according to imagery.

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Does anyone know who updated txkf around a month ago? I want to thank them, because the updated my home airport.

Looks great!

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I’ll get the info

Edit: Aceorbit

Almost done! Added 190 spawns… :flushed:


Sanya Phoenix International Airport (SYX, ZJSY)

Remote Stands, Terminals, Business Apron

I am proud to announce that ZJSY will be making its way into the next airport update! It’s been one heck of an edit, and I hope ya’ll enjoy it (@ToasterStroodie :wink:)!

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