Infinite Flight 22.4 Tracking and Speculation Thread

credit to Z-Tube. Link below

22.4 Tracking/Speculation Thread

Welcome to the 22.4 Tracking and Speculation Thread!

In this topic, feel free to post updates regarding this aircraft, speculate on release dates, features, liveries, etc., and share any opinions relating to the update.

Confirmed Liveries/Airports


Confirmed Features

Ground services

To the TL3's and TL4's

Edit the topic if a new WIP is out, such as an airport, livery, feature, etc. Thanks!

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@anon94363592: pins
Also @anon94363592: doesn’t make wiki


Oops. Lol. Done.


This is going to be the ERJ update!

And how do you know???

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Cause it’s literally in beta phase? Haven’t you take a Look on LiveFlight to see mods and devs flying the ERJ?:skull:

Oh yeah you’re right carry on with the conversation

It is?

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No one asked you to believe, nor someone requested you to answer in such an arrogant manner.

It is clear at this point that the ERJ is finished and they catfish us with “WIP” photos just to not be clear enough.

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Eh maybe. Don’t really care as much since I don’t play Infinite Crap anymore, but ig I’ll just bump some livery topics now before it’s added.

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This is called “speculation thread” for a reason.

Although it’s obvious they’re flight testing it, or at least extremely close to doing so.

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Trip E175 :pleading_face:

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Huh? No.

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whyyyy :sob: :pleading_face:

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Conti E175 and Copa E190 are better.

KLM E175 and Finnair E190

Trip doesn’t exist anymore😭

What about not European things though?