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Hello WFC!

A while ago I was thinking one day about a IF JetPhotos like system. After thinking about it for quite some time I confronted some friends about it. Many jumped onboard immediately and we started work ASAP! Since then we have worked with the wonderful @CaptainZac who has helped us through this process finding hosting cites and good systems that would best fit our needs.

After boiling it down with our team, @Flightistic @Aviation108 @CaptainZac @Ethan and Myself we discovered it would be a more accepting and welcoming platform unlike the hard to get through JetPhotos. We came up with a system that allows members to post content to the website and like comment and share others work.

So Everyone Welcome



@USA_ATC - Co-Founder
@Flightistic - Co-Founder
@Aviation108 - Logo Design
@Ethan - Moderator

IF Photos is a simple and easy to use photo sharing platform. Now I know your thinking what happened to the JetPhotos idea. Not so fast. We are still going to have a ranking system ranking the best photographers and editors on the website. We will have threads showing off their hard and excellent work!


General Use:

  1. Constructive Criticism is allowed no other type of criticism is tolerated.
  2. Do not act like a staff or moderator.
  3. No NSFW content is allowed all posts must follow the rules provided for their category.
  4. All members must be over the age of 13 years old.

Aircraft Based Posts:

  1. HD Photos required.
  2. Most of the plane must be within the photo.
  3. Livery Visible.
  4. No HUD or Other settings must be fully clean just including the aircraft.
  5. Editing is allowed.

ATC Based Posts:

  1. Can be of any stage of controlling
  2. Timelaps or transition photos are allowed
  3. Map only

Video Posts:

  1. HD Quality.
  2. Can be of any stage of flight.
  3. Plane must be visible.
  4. No HUD all plane clips.

Airport Editing Photos:

  1. Applies similar to the ATC section
  2. Progress can be published here including completed airports

Game Spotting based photos:

  1. Aircraft rules apply
  2. Include the user who you spotted if they have a IFC acc (optional)

Story Settings:
This section of the website is more open allowing you to post Real World Photos or IF generic photos and do not apply to the Standard Posting rules.

If at any-point these rules are broken your post will be subject to removal. Continuous issues could result to a suspension of your account.

So are you interested?

Join Here!

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Website designed by @CaptainZac


Is a really wonderful website !
How did you have created this wonderful website ?

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@CaptainZac made the website, so I’m clueless about how he made it haha!

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THAT IS AWESOME! I just joined it.

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i joined and love it already

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I really like the idea but there’s 2 things I have to say…

  1. On JP you are rewarded by getting your photo onto FR24.
  2. There’s Airliners.net which is a good alternative.
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what if there would be a partnership with map-flight?


Yep, we might bring it up with Cameron (LiveFlight) or one of the developers of MapFlight


i hope it’s map-flight since i only use that



Created an account


first photo challenge when?

Soon :wink:


Howdy Everyone!!

It’s time to announce our new voting platform!

Each member has to be given access to post pictures by staff. Be patient please.

Let’s see what y’all can do!


These will be much stricter.

  • No heavily edited photos.
  • May only include features within the sim.
  • Only Infinite Flight photos.
  • Contact staff with new competitions so we can add them to the database.

These rules will be enforced my our staff and failure to follow them could result in account removal.


Other links


Also We have discovered a way to explore the website without having to log in.

Basic steps are to:

  • Use this link to my User Profile. IF Photos - USA_ATC
  • Search the user your looking to see and view their photos

Enjoy the website!

We would still love to see more people join and compete at IF Photos Competition Website!

Just upload your WFC account or IFC account to where it says Passport or ID and we will accept in review.

We still look for high follower count and larger following when accepting verifications.

He quit a bit ago

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