If You Owned A Airport What Would it Look like and Where Would It Be

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The title explains it all. Please make sure you remain in the boundaries of this category and go at it.

I will start!

I would have KROA but I would go back in time where they had the opportunity to be as big as KCLT and accept their offer. :slight_smile:



Good, I have always dreamed this! It would be a private Airpark with one runway, a custom house with hanger and jet bridge, and rental houses with plane parking so I can make money. It would be in The State of New York to the west with big open land.

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I would own a mega airport close to São Paulo, with many airlines flying to all over the world. It would have 5 runways with room for expansion

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I would completely redesign EIDW and make it into a super large connecting hub from North America and South America. It would be designed to rival EGLL and other transatlantic destinations on the European side.


I would have it look like KEWR but better. @FluidConvayence-Tube This would stop hate for KEWR. It would move to mine.

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Sometimes I wish the county told the residents to get a life and moved John Wayne to El Toro like they planned. Would’ve been like LAX but 5 intersecting runways. But then I look at KSNA and it’s such a unique airport with the runways and takeoff procedures. So idk lol

I want mine to be big… Not to bring it that it would be a hub for delays. I would also want to be modern design, with customer care at the priority. Especially during COVID-19, it’s important to keep place is clean and sanitary.

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I’d want to own KSLC. I’d work on continuing to expand the airport and bring in more long haul destinations. I’d also try to pitch an offer for jetBlue to set up either a hub or focus city there. Ultimately I’d want to turn SLC into a major hub airport similar to the likes of DEN or SEA.

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it would look like heaven, built next to my house

but first… Some honorable mentions

@FluidConvayence-Tube @Tyler

I would want to own Newark airport so I can burn it down, build a forest, then light the forest on fire so people will only remember the forest fire, not the horrible Airport

Gets put on Do Not Fly List


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