If You Have A Christmas Title…

Hey all! Once you are done with your title, please select the word yes below. Once that is done, a staff member will change your name back for you. This will just help make the job a lot easier, so we don’t have to go through each of your profiles to change it back. We won’t make any changes until Christmas is over, but your name will be removed anyway so it would just be a big help if you guys can vote below so we can do it easier.

  • Yes

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If you are a regular

Please use the link below and your name will be automatically changed back for you.


I tried where is my regular tag

jk jk


I’ll give you an A for effort.


i want mine removed last

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You want it removed now? Done!

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No worries, I got rid of his as well!

I forgot you can do that

No point In adding it back now

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And you can’t do anything about it since I don’t gave a title

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oh well… there’s no point in the clarkson profile pic now since the title is gone


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