If You Could Add Any Feature(s) to Any Flight Sim, What Would They Be and Why?

What feature(s) would you like to see in your favorite sim? This could be something as small as a livery to weather or anything else that comes to mind for any simulator (XP11, FSX, IF, RFS, MSFS, etc.)

3D buildings to infinite Flight


More commercial aircrafts in MFS2020 like a 737, 777, A321, A330, A380, 757, etc.

10/10 agree :+1::+1:

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They will have it soon enough. They said they’re working on it

Some turboprop private plane

Infinite flight already has that. They have the TBM

The more the better lol.

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I want more


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Just 3d buildings

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Weather in IF

Add rain, snow, sandstorms, thunderstorms, microbursts, clouds and more

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ANA 777-300ER… :pensive:

I think IF will add ANA 777 in 20.3😁, so don’t worry

I don’t think that’s gonna be a thing. And also I don’t think they’re planning on adding any more to the 777. I think they’re going to move on now

We definitely need tire smoke for IF

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