IAF Crash

An IAF MiG-21Bison has crashed in Barmer, Rajasthan. The pilot is reported to be severely injured.
More details are awaited.

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I hope the pilot is gonna be kk


No offense, but maybe they shouldn’t keep flying those pieces of junk from the 60s, lmao.

Also, looking at that link: “This is the fourth incident involving a MiG this year.”

Now that’s literally what I said, don’t fly museum pieces…


Even worse, its actually from the 50s, 1955 to be exact. This means that the country’s front-line interceptor is an aircraft 3 years older than the F-4 Phantom


Damn yea.

Also, 4 crashes a year, probably millions of dollars to even repair the fighters, which also are around 60 years old, which means the parts aren’t very easy to find….

But they’re still like: “Yea, let’s keep flying these pieces of junk, because they’re totally safe and reliable.”

Kinda like a those airlines flying Tu 154s or those An28s, like damn, just get newer ones….


might as well keep flying P-51s as reserve or air superiority if they use a frontline interceptor from 1955


Why would I get offended when you’re saying the truth

We have the Tejas, no neeed for 12-GiM

Till now we have lost around 1000 MiG-21’s since they were inducted
That says alot


They’re more like “We’ll retire them in 2019”
“Ok 2022”
“Now its 2025”



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Looks like the pilots died :sob:

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I bet he really hated that piece of junk.

Indian Air Force be like: “We are really sorry for his death”, proceeds to keep flying MiGs.

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How do you guys even do that? Like damn, just get the newer Russian junk, like the more modern planes.

That explains why the Indian military looks like they’re in such a bad shape, they keep spending money on crappy old military gear… :skull:

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How can you be so damn accurate

Previous governments : Yes

But, we’re not doing that lol

IAFhas already rejected Su-35 and Mig-35 for MMRCA 2.0 and are looking at F-15EX and Rafale

Maybe not so bad, but still bad

No F-35s?

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They are thinking of offering them


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