I Try To Make a Good MDW Spotting Topic

Well…Hello WFC!

Yesterday I made the decision to go to the “other” Chicago Airport. Yes, that’s right I went to Meig- oh yeah, that airport got destroyed in 2003…let’s try this again: Yesterday I went to Chicago Midway International Airport (KMDW)! Something I learned very quick is Midway is…suboptimal we’ll say for spotting locations. I mean, you are surrounded by the South Side of Chicago (no seriously, look it up on Google Earth) And there are so many telephone wires and things like that end up in your picture and truly the only good place I found for activities yesterday was a Parking Garage by the main terminal that costs $4 an hour. But, long paragraph done: Let’s get right into it!

Starting their taxi, we got the Delta Connection (Republic) Embraer E-175 heading out to Atlanta!

Coming over to 31C now, we got this Southwest 737-700 in the Canyon Blue livery departing for Nashville as a Cessna 172 performs patternwork on 31L!

Here, you can see what the approach is like for pilots, we have a Southwest 737-700 in the Missouri One livery ironically enough coming from St. Louis!

Looking over at the terminal again, we have this Southwest 737-MAX 8 departing for Fort Meyers and this Volaris A320-NEO departing for Zacaretes!

On Final, we have this Southwest 737-700 coming from Las Vegas!

Okay, down from the Garage towards Departures, but flying over is this Southwest 737-700 arriving from Dallas!

First for the departures, we got this Cessna Citation climbing high!

Next up, this Southwest 737-700 departing for Orlando!

Here we have this Bombardier Challenger 350 pulling a sneaky and trying to takeoff from 31R and not get noticed…he seems to have failed that!

Final departure, we got this Southwest 737-700 departing bound for Houston!

And there we go, thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!

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you tried well

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Thank you, at least happy they turned out (somewhat) decent!

checks for links

No links, ok we’re good.

Nice shots!


You ain’t trying to give me idea’s, are you?

Thanks Zac!

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The Private Jet one is really! :+1:

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Thanks! Probably one of my favorite’s as well!

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hang on…


me confused

Well…it’s kinda impossible as this is the site today:

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destroy all that and build a cooler meigs field


also close your tabs or me & @Rolls will kill you


that’s not too many

unlike @PlanesAndGames cough cough

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still many tabs

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open more tabs that’s too few

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Nah, that’s just you searching Chicago meids field to reopen 2020

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:unamused: I’m still salty my camera died and I can’t do a spotting topic too

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Cool pictures!

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Thank you!

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