I Tried To Fly A Delta 717

Let’s talk about my experience with Delta yesterday…

My original plan was to fly from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta to Charlottesville on Delta in economy. As soon as we get to the airport, we are told that the flight had been delayed just enough to only give us a 30 minute connection, which we didn’t want to run the risk of changing. We got the worlds nicest Delta employee at the check in counter who helped us cancel our flight and get a refund.

We found a flight on JetBlue nonstop from Fort Lauderdale to Richmond. We ran over from Terminal 2 to 3 in order to book the flight, and while we all got seats, we were separated in middle seats (flight was about 200 dollars cheaper too and I was able to ask the gate agent for a window seat). We had a JetBlue booking agent who was great. She actually uses my dads office when she needs it. We got in on time (amazing flight and great crew), and we ended up driving 1h 15min to Charlottesville. We actually ended up getting here 1 hour earlier, but it was so stressful.

Just glad we made it, and so impressed by the service of Delta and JetBlue. Delta refunded all of our money to the credit card, which was great, and JetBlue was able to slide us on to a flight under 2 hours before departure.


u not missing out on much lol. delta 717’s r the only mainline delta plane without ptvs I believe. not sure if they even have wifi. prolly the worst delta plane in service rn

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Tryna give me a free ride back to up LGA :wink:

My dad worked for JetBlue

Poor Long Beach.
Stupid City Council.
They really messed up there. Could’ve brought a lot more revenue to that city.

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