I do a bit of... spotting // Fall-ish-winter-ish @ KGRR

It’s spotting time, I haven’t posted in a while, so here’s some planes that are also on my Instagram

Canyon Blue decided to come here I guess

Thicc winglets for Jogos

Detroit DIVERSIONS :hushed:

Deltuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is your captain speaking

Slammin’ jammin’

Skyteam!!! Pan!!! Skyteam pan!!!

Canadian infiltration

Evo pan

American’t, but we beat Iran, so that’s pretty nice


Nice Canyon Blue MAX!

Apparently Desert Gold flew in right after it entered service, and I didn’t know about it. So that’s fun. Hopefully I can catch this one though.

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Nice photos!!

Also, why were there diversions form Detroit?

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I hate you Devin :joy:

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canyon max!!

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Wait, how come I never knew this existed…
Still, Canyon Blue looks the best on the -700 in my opinion.

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lots of these are jetphotos possible i think🤭

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It may be in preparation for Canada’s invasion of North America


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