Holiday Wishlist - What Do You Want?

To clarify, we are not buying you anything… This is purely a wish list when you could express your interest and show us what you want for the holidays! When sending items, please make sure to send the link to see if anyone else is interested. If anyone else is interested, they will have easy access.

Infinite Flight pro

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I won’t buy anything and don’t want anything for the holidays but luckily yesterday (black friday) my parents bought me a new pc and it will arrive next week.

Are your parents going to get it for you? If not, we got open some go fund me or something :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

More than likely not. I’m hoping that my brother will.

An IF T shirt and hoodie.

New desk chair and PS5.

New iPad Pro

A jet.

itunes gift card so i can buy IF pro

AirPods Pro :slight_smile:

Galaxy Tab s7 :eyes:

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A new pair of sunglasses and money to pay for gas.

I just want to move out! I can’t live in a two bedroom with three other people. I just want to be able to LIVE!!!

Other than that, I’d like a PC capable of running FS2020

I’m hoping to receive a new 3070. My mom saw the price a couple weeks ago and said “Maybe for Christmas.”


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MSFS and a IF pro.

Wait you don’t have pro? I guess we are in the same boat then.

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New iPad :slight_smile:

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I’d like one too

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