Hip hop/Rap thread

Its the best genre of music. ver divers and a ton of good artists. including he who shall not be named, talk about it here, albums, mainstream, underground, controversy or whatever

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P.O.D. They rap :sunglasses:

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Ken Carson drop his highly anticipated song ‘i need u’ for Valentines day

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cool article, glad 2 see that he’s doing well

anyone know why the trend is to release music on a Friday and not any other day?

I don’t know, But Yeat dropped today, on a Friday.

Instagram hoes by Pierre Bourne is better than that entire album

Yeat album was mid. He hasn’t topped 2 alive and he probably won’t ever

Time zones and charting. Hard to explain but that’s the main reason.

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Rolling Loud California started yesterday. Rolling loud is a massive rap festival that spans across 1-3 days depending on the location. California sons 3 days. Headlining yesterday is the goat, the one and only, Playboi Carti. He brought back 2 old classics, RIP Fredo and Location and previewed a new song called ‘Rockstar’. They had to spot his show halfway though because an underaged fan either collapsed in the mosh pits, pretty sure he made it. They boroughs Carti back on half an out later to finish the performance when he could’ve just left. Carti the goat. Headlining today is Travis Scott is headlining today and future is headlining tomorrow. I’m gonna to a rolling loud next year in college cause it looks like so much fun

Destroy Lonely dropped his anticipated song: If looks could kill

Wasn’t mid but doesn’t top his best album he has. There are some songs that are actually pretty good but some songs seemed pretty experimental tbh.

baby im the fashion

he still cant top 2 alive

Maybe in the future I would say but you never know.

Bro word is going on with all these Carti leaks. We got money n drugs. A Wlr era freestyle. 24 SONGS. And we got most of a wlr documentary with an unfinished over music video in it. I am eating rn. Carti fans r so up rn. We prolly not getting an album till 2030 at this rate bc of the leaks tho.

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