Have you Been Featured in any Aviation Youtube Videos?

Personally i have been in a few videos, but i’m curious to see if you’ve been in any!


  1. No using your own youtube videos
  2. link the video you are talking about and provide a time stamp.
  3. have fun and what not

I’ve been the controller in a few streams before. I’ve joined a few flights from YT streamers as well.

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I appeared in a AviatorDan Casual Server video


That one

I was up until 20 mins before the event and i feel salty

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I believe I appeared in a JNG video

I was in a timelapse at KLAX.

i was in a aviatordan video

I spawn in at 1:56

professional taxiing

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In @ThatOne9WPlen videos…

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Keep in mind every time i’m featured here I had a broken arm and was flying with a full arm cast, aslo every video was in casual.

I’m the Alitalia 777-200ER at 1:00
I’m also the Pan Am 747-200 at 1:49

I’m the Delta 737 crashing in the runway at 0:48
what seems like a delta 787-8 crashing again at 1:44
The American 757 trying to Kamikazi into they guy taking off.

Now this wasnt me but my friend who I go to school with who quit IF in the American Chrome One world 777-200ER (RIP) at 1:08 and 1:27

I was the BA 747 at 0:55 and the BA 747 at 1:04. Dont ask.

S7 at 0:11
Emirates 777-300ER 0:37 and at 0:56
the 747 SCA at 1:13
one of the fighter jets at 2:02

That’s all for now, and I’m featured in was less after the final video as 2 days after it was posted I got my cast off but enjoy me being stupid for a bit

asks anyways

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dogfight if you must

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