Happy Easter!

Happy Eastern to everyone. Share fun things you will be doing and share what your thankful for this Easter.

I might be going out for Brunch and I’m thankful to have my home to be in with great Tv shows.


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Ummm, not sure of the exact meaning of that.

Okay thanks :blush:

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what is easter?

happy easter tho

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I literally questioned myself this morning if it was really easter. The only year I’ve cared less than others

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Happy Easter Everyone! :latin_cross:

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It’s when Jesus was resurrected from the dead


Eappy Haster

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No, Happy Central

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I have a question for all of you god believers:
If god created everything, why did he create other religions? Why did he create people that believe in other gods?

Just something to think about. I’m not trying to start an argument or anything, just asking some questions.

it is their choice…or they may have been pressurized into believing other gods…

Yes it is their choice, but why would god give them that choice if god is the actual god?

By who? Pretty sure god would have done something about that…

missionaries or the kings

I’m not going to continue replying on this topic. I just asked a few questions for people to think about.


Because I don’t want this to become a sh*tshow

oh lmao