Handing over my Xojet VA

So, basically, IFVARB screwed me over and I’m done with dealing with them. So I’m handing over my VA website and information if any of you want to make this an official VA. The website contains a lot of information regarding the VA.

Things that will need to be fixed on the website is some grammar mistakes and other smaller issues.


  1. I will become the Founder of the VA and will make some decisions but overall you would be running everything.

  2. You will have to apply for a new IFVARB application

  3. Must be fit for operating the VA

I hope I can hand this off to someone to keep it running. It’s a cool VA with endless route opportunities.

Dm me if your interested!

Screw IFVARB (when you’re actually in charge but they don’t know it)

People need to start making VAs without them though. Just my opinion

“tHeSe VaS aRe OfF LiMitS!”
Makes group anyways


I have it somewhere in IFC PMs with the IFVARB staff, you can do that but no IFC advertising which basically defeats the purpose

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Why, should I report some of the bad things I’ve seen from them to a mod?

They wouldn’t care
When do they actually do their job
They just talk about people in their group to bring stuff up (I assume)

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You have to start somewhere

Ok so is anyone interested?? That was the whole point of this topic.

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I have no time for a life at the moment so I definitely can’t do that sorry

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What you doing?

I’m gonna be honest here, no means no, and it’s completely unwarranted to ask why

College and work

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