Guess The Flag

idk if i can do dis or sumthing


Welcome to guess the flag! in this game you will be tested on your flag knowledge
I have laid out some rules too so pls follow

Get rid of any obvious ensigns or insignia.

DO NOT USE AN EMOJI. It allows users to cheat.

If No one has gone in 2 hours, you can go.

Give hints as to what it could be.

I feel like i am stealing ideas from @IF_International :joy:

ok so play or sumthin bai



give a hint

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South America continent



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its got to be something about bonaire

i checked to see festivals and i think i know it

it didnt show me a flag though

via elimination no other days have a flag for them

so it leaves me with flag day or rincon day

flag day is celebrating the flag of bonaire or something so it is Rincon day flag @BonaireDude

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Bonaire is technically North America though

Central America and the Caribbean islands are all part of North America

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uh no thats not true

eh wdym day

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never mind

is it rincon day flag or somthing

wdym day?!??!?

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omg im so sorry

i just realized its a town-

The Caribbean is part of NA. Saying otherwise would be like saying that Alaska is a part of Russia/Asia, because it’s closer to it than to the US/NA.

(before anyone says anything, yes, I know that AK used to be part of Russia)

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search up what the continent of bonaire is

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Is it in Bonaire or no?