Guess The Airport!

Ok guess

The island is technically in the Caribbean Sea but most of the country isn’t.

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who is hopeless

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BV islands?

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Nope. In fact it’s in Central America but the island this airport is on is in the Caribbean sea.

is it an airport

The answer to your question is rather obvious and can be seen in the picture above.

i won

What makes you think so? Also the rules of the game are clearly stated in this thread, that a person can be considered the winner of a round by guessing the name of the airport correctly, but not whether it is an airport or not.

As you haven’t stated the name of the airport correctly, I cannot declare you the winner of this round.

the name is an airport

There are tens of thousands of airports in the world, and every single one of them is called just ‘Airport’? That is impossible.

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Does anyone want to guess?
Another hint: 14 airlines serve the airport.

JFK :moyai:

I believe that JFK and the USA as a whole is not located in Central America.

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did some research, and its roatan

That is correct! Your turn.

And he was never heard from again…

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Shanghai hongqiao or whatever it was

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