Guess The Airport - Part 2

This game works exactly the same as it sounds: one of you posts a picture of an airport and the others have to guess it.

Here’s a few rules:

  1. The person who gets it correct will post next, unless he/she tells someone to take their turn.
  2. If there hasn’t been a post in 6 hours you can post the next picture.
  3. No reverse searching, as it spoils the fun.
  4. Photos must show at least a runway, so terminal interior pictures are not allowed.
  5. Last but not least have fun!!

P. S. Mods feel free to close this if it’s a duplicate. I’ve done my best to search for similar topics but I couldn’t find any. If it really is a duplicate, sorry, I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

As is the tradition with every Guess the… game, the creator of the topic goes first!

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Sorry for closing your topic, @TheGlobalAviator. It was just better to have everything in the old topic since there are plenty of replies left.

Thanks for bringing this back!