Guess the airplane registration!

Basically, you guess the registration


  • NO googling or looking for answers on the internet

  • if someone has not gone in 3 hours, you can go

  • give two or three hints

  • if its a special livery, extra hint!
    I’ll Start first.


  • Airbus plane
  • airline based in asia

Oh props to @TheGlobalAviator for the idea

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Cebu Pacific A330

not the a330 or Cebu Pacific, but instead i guess you could say the sucessor of the A330


PAL B777?

Its Airbus but PAL is correct

PAL A350

PAL… A350

Though A350 was to replace A340

You go next!



  • Boeing
  • Oceanic

P2… Another png Papua New Guinea this time plane?

Papua New Guinea

Oh then easy
Air Niugini 738?

Air Niugini yes

738, no

Air Niugini 767-300

Then 767


imma give my turn to @TheGlobalAviator


  • Not a boing
  • replaced an older aircraft of the same family in the fleet
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Air Seychelles A320NEO?

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