Get Help From IFATC Members

Use this thread to get help from infinite flight air traffic control controllers and members so that you can control better. If you have any questions about training, the process, or general questions about controlling, here is the place to ask!


Ok, great!

ngl, thought this would be used more often

How do controllers manage the sheer amount of planes heading in and out of the airports? I can barely handle four.

Practice, practice, practice. We slowly work our way up.

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Me: hold my beer :beer:


Simple, work your way up: You learn to get to 5, then 7, heck you get up to 8, when you reach 10, you can really understand how to do it properly! Thats why when you first join you can only control Class Charlie’s, cant have a new guy jumping right on into EGLL with 35 aircraft on the ground…or can you? Jk

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