General Interests Profile Section

I would like it if a “general interests” section can be added (pretty much things that are NOT aviation). It would be best if it could be a write it yourself section, like location or callsign instead of a pre made drop down. This would be for sharing the other things the interested in. For example, I would say music and architecture. This would benefit the community because you can make more friends based on shared interests, or just learn something new about someone and get a better idea of who they are.

I like the idea

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Digging the idea. Let’s see if @CaptainZac can make it happen.


I’m liking it!

def votin for this

My question is, what is this defeat the purpose of a bio? Isn’t your bio supposed to help explain what your general interests are?

It’s just more obvious when looking on the profile instead of having to go bio hunting. The bios can stay, but it’s just a faster way to see things

One more vote and I will guarantee you I implement this :slight_smile:

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And we have reached it!

Whenever your ready boss :wink:

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Implemented! Thanks, Zac!