General Electric Makes Good Engines @KORD

Hello WFC!

So today I went spotting at KORD and saw some planes, and then I took pictures of those planes. I also got to listen to some good sounding engines courtesy of a certain Evandale, Ohio based propulsion company that develops and produces them. I could write a lot more but you don’t need to know much else.

Okay, now with the best introduction in the history of introductions done let’s jump right into the first picture.

First up, this American A320-200 heading off to Charlotte

Following closely behind, this American A319-100 bound for Atlanta

A quick flip to arrivals, this Korean Air 777-300ER from Seoul

Location Change, pt.1 with this Southwest 737-MAX 8 arriving from Baltimore

Up next, this American Eagle CRJ-700 on final after it’s flight from Norfolk

Location Change, pt.2 now with this ANA 777-300ER climbing high for Tokyo

After that, this United 777-200ER off for Honolulu

Sticking with United, this 737-MAX 9 on it’s way down to Fort Lauderdale

Going for United round 3, this 757-300 speeding off to Orlando

Finishing up, this Atlas Air 747-8 starting its flight to Anchorage as a Southwest 737-700 loops around at 8,500 feet after it’s flight from Denver

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I don’t like the max but FLL makes up for it :heart_eyes:


I could’ve went for the JBU A320 heading down to FLL except for the part that is departs at 6:00 in the morning lol

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Yeah that was kind of a problem. When I flew to Chicago I took American because of the bad timing.

It wasn’t our first choice but it was cheaper than united so yeah we just did.


:b:encil :ok_hand:t2:, nice to see you hopping on the spotting topic train!


Nice pencil and contis :heart_eyes:

also nice job you found a blitzplane (The SW)

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GE90 = best engine sound

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Woah nice pics. Fun fact my uncle works on Military engines for GE. :eyes:

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Can’t argue that one, it’s the sound of pure power

Thanks! Sounds like your uncle has a great job at a great company!

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